Day 22, the first Arcana, a fresh start

Hello Readers, Nice to be back from my absence of posting, Here we go with day 22, the first of the Major Arcana of the Hermetic Tarot: The foolish man, and He is a very good card to have,  He is announcing Imagenew beginnings, (seeing as we’re still in January, this is a good thing, I hope you like change, and embarking on new ventures, because this card is telling us that now is the time to do so; and like the fool, don’t worry about whether it will all turn out alright or not, just work on starting; things have a way of sorting themselves out. Blessed be readers,






Day 21, The dragons speak and return from absence

Hello readers, I am very sorry that I have not published the readings I have been making, I am glad to be back! Here is the day 21 post: The firmament, I am noticing that thiImages card has a recurring message to give, And I believe it a good thing that it does so, The dragns here would like to remind us that once again the only  limitation we have is within ourselves, I have made reference in a previous post of cases where people achieve things thought beyond their reach by many, however i think tonight I will instead mention examples of ordinary people doing great things, for example, Martin Luther King Jr, a simple pastor(or reverend, I know not the correct term for his title) who believed in something and fought for it fervently, and nothing stood in his way, because he believed nothing would this example alone, I think bears much weight, but another very well known case is one William, (known as Bill) Gates, former CEO of Microsoft, He started, basically penniless in a garage, and is now among the richest men on the planet, go figure, what stopped, him? Nothing! Likewise, there is nothing stopping you, Identify an objective, and go for it, if you believe it, it is yours.


Day 20, The antelope, begs decision.

Hello Readers, Welcome to another night of readings for you, I have to get up early tomorrow so I will make this brief, Tonight we have the AntelopeImage, asking us to make a decision in this time of indecisiveness, but more than that, It asks that we stick to that decision, trusting that it is both true to our hearts and that it is the best choice for you and your developing path, Fear not what retribution may come of it, but rather be ready to accept all outcomes, good and bad, and stick to them. What may come is usually much less difficult, than what our worst-case-scenario-oriented minds will come up with, and indeed many have been proven wrong, is such predictions on many a time. Expect nothing, and Everything, Good and Bad, Adapt to what may come, and give the universe opportunity to prove your fears wrong, and forever erase them from your minds. With love and light do we Impart this message(my guides through the cards and then through me). Blessed Be Readers!


Day 19, A Runic Warning of a storm soon to pass

Hello again readers, welcome to another day of messages from the oracular systems at the service of those who would hear their message. Today, we have a message of caution, From my good friends the runes, ImageIn this particular instance, Hagalaz, warns us that there are always obstacles in our path, and that you may encounter them, often or seldom, but they are still there. but fret not, for they are mere logs in our path. Better things will continue to happen, to those who persevere. Do not make the mistake of claiming hopelessness in a cause at the first sign of trouble, for if that were the case in all things, nothing of note would ever get done. and so, I would have you brace yourselves against the coming storm, for that is all an obstacle is in our path, another storm, another rainy day, that if properly prepared for(and in certain cases, steered clear from) will be no more than a day off, and it is not a bad thing to take a day off for rest once in a while, It is not a bad thing at all, you are not a machine(i would hope) and so i would not expect you to perform as such, you need a moment of rest? Take it! and as soon as you’re rested, press on, the path may be long, but each step shortens it. and when your steps have shortened the path as much as they have, then it is most certainly worth continuing to see your hopes and dreams to completion. with this I leave you, my  Readers, Blesse Be!

Day 18, dragons give voice to words

Hello again readers, how are you all feeling today? I hope you are all well, (you may of course reply below, it is not necessarily a rhetorical question). As the next part of our journey begins I would hope that the guidance provided by the different oracles has been thus far helpful, I am not an Oracle of doom, I am no prophet of disaster, for I believe we have enough of those in the world, I choose to be a Messenger of positivity, love, and peace, For I believe that is what we need these days more than anything else. And on that note do I bring the message form our next oracle, The dragon tarotImage, and It presents us with the king of chalices, an emperor, sitting upon his throne, with his pet dragon by his side. this card advises us against displaying our emotions too openly. for when we are hurt, and when we are overly excited, sometimes it is best to immediately show a calm face, for those that would see harm befall us would seek to exploit both of these. In my studies there is a rule that I have only recently come to understand. and that is Little Seen Gets more done. It is in that regard I believe the message is displayed today. Keep your emotions about your plans carefully wrapped up until the proper moment. let the Idea grow, nurture it with that emotion, but like you would protect a candle’s flame from a gust of wind putting it out, likewise guard your project from prying eyes, and by association, the emotions about them. and observe how they grow and unfold like the rose in your heart that it is soon becoming.  


Day 17, a Message from your daily friendly Tarot card

Hello Readers, before we begin today, I’d like to apologize for not hitting the publish button on last night’s post until just now. and that is the reason why it was not viewed before now, Fortunately, as soon as I became aware of the Error, I hit publish and you can now see it! along with this one, In other news, we have a card today that I believe you will all enjoy. It comes from my trusted Hermetic Tarot, and it’s message is as follows: Image The Knight of cups, Lord of waves and Waters, this card is the fire in the water, and It informs us that we need to take heart in what we do, and take control over our emotions as the knight must often do, facing both fear of death and sadness at leaving home on a campaign not of his choosing, in order to protect his land and his life, that he may return to the home he longs for. So are we called upon to marshal our emotions and set mind to the tasks at hand, that we may enjoy the fruits of our labors, so to speak, and live happy and productive lives, one and all.

Day 16, An animal guide to light the way

Hello readers, Ian here once again telling you of what messages the fates have destined for us, and today we have a new comer:Image the salmon from the animal guidance oracle cards, and she is here to inform us to stay the course! for two things are required to accomplish any goal, the patience to wait for the proper moment to act, and the determination to see the act to completion, and that is the message here, to keep that determination running strong, and see your goals (now so very near) to the end.

Day Fifteen, Just Over two weeks In! and a draconic message, Modified

Hello readers, Tonight I’d like to discuss, how Divination is not an exact science, insofar as the same procedure, will not always produce the same result, though the goal is the same: To predict some event yet to pass, and to provide advice on how best to prepare/receive it. Perfect example of this: tonight’s cardImage: form the Imperial Dragon Oracle, The Firmament, a positive message to be sure, but different from last time it came about. Tonight it reminds us that our only limitations are those we believe we have. the internet, and history are filled with stories of events that defy logic, of a cyclist with cancer winning the tour de france, a man condemned to a wheelchair, becoming an avid basketball player, and in my personal experience, an economics professor who adapted to giving class after having lost both his sight and his left  leg to the fight with diabetes, and yet still reports on time to work, doing what he loves. what I mean to say with this, is that even in the most dire of circumstances we have the choice of daring to defy that which would limit us and make our dreams, hopes, and objectives a reality. You really have nothing stopping you from being productive, for even on their deathbeds there are people who have accomplished great things. That is my message for tonight, readers, thank you for your time, and I hope this advice is of use and sense to you, as ever, feel free to comment your thoughts below, and I will happily read and consider them.


Day 14, Ogham for your Reading Pleasure

Hello again, Readers, How are you all feeling tonight?(or whenever you happen to be reading this post). I am here with yet another reading for you guys, and it comes from my ever-trusty Ogham Oracle and the card is:  ImageSeille, the willow, But as this is a card oracle, and nothing happens by coincidence, this card can come out inverted, and so it has come out today, and in doing so it asks: Are you having trouble letting go? are you having trouble accepting a loss? If so, why? This card also calls for an introspection, both so you can be aware of your feelings coming into the current situation of changes, and so that you can come into those changes in a less painful manner, for pain in change usually is a result of resistance imposed by our adherence to old ways of thinking and acting and adherence to “how things used to be” and this should not be so! Change, is in our nature, and as such it will always happen whether you’re ready or not! so accept your changes, accept your new way of living, and go forth and live the life you’re supposed to live.

Until next time, Readers (which should be tomorrow), I hope you’ve liked the readings thus far, and if you do (or you don’t, I can take criticism if it means improvement) please, feel free to leave comments below, I can accept comments in both English and Spanish, so you needn’t be shy

Day 13 Lucky or Unlucky?

Hello again readers, welcome to another day of daily readings, today we have a rune from my Tiger’s eye rune set, and that rune is ImageMannaz, the rune of the self, and what it calls for is introspection on this day. Look within you, and consider what things you really like about yourself, and the one’s you’d like to change. Clear out the mental clutter that has gathered throughout the time you’ve been “too busy for time for yourself” and just relax a bit, Take time also to look over your worries and how many are really worth worrying about; often times you’ll discover two things: either there’s nothing that can be done to change that situation, in which case you should accept it and move on. Or, that there are things you can do to change that worrying situation, in which case i recommend you move your butt, and DO IT!